Think different. Think lean. Think eco-conscious. Think VIR PVC. VIR PVC is a preferred choice of architects and designers of today who wish to create stellar spaces for tomorrow. Those who wish to make a difference not just in the world of design but the world at large. VIR PVC boards serve as perfect alternatives to plywood for a wide variety of building and construction needs.

No Hassles. No Hazards.

Right from furniture to partitions, from false ceiling to bill boards, VIR PVC offer fine finishes that are not just easy to execute, but also user-friendly, eco-friendly and maintenance friendly. 100% recyclable, our PVC boards are highly resistant to every and any hazard there is. Be it fungus, corrosion, water, fire, termite, borer, odour or VOC's, VIR PVC is resistant to them all.

Durable by Design. Nimble in Nature.

At VIR, we source high-grade raw material to create our PVC boards, so that you can build the design of your dreams. This is why, VIR PVC boards not only hold a robust form but are also versatile in application. VIR PVC boards are non-toxic, decay-proof and long lasting.

Multiple Advantages. One Alternative

100% Water, Fire, Odor, Termite and Borer Proof | Light on Weight but Robust In Nature | Easy to Paste Laminates and Veneers | Offers Good Sound and Thermal Insulation | Ease of Cleaning and No Maintenance

Array of Applications

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wardrobes
  • Storage Units
  • False Ceiling
  • Shop/office Cabinets
  • Office Furniture
  • Wall Panelling & Partitions
  • Garden Fencing
  • CNC Jalis
  • Grooving, Carving and Design Work
  • Screening / Digital Printing
  • Advertisement, Exhibition Board and Sign Board
  • Available Size
    8 ft x 4ft (2440 mm x 1200 mm) (Any customized thickness can be provided on special request)
  • Available Thickness
    5 mm | 6 mm | 8 mm | 11 mm | 12 mm |15 mm | 16 mm | 17 mm | 18 mm | 19mm | 20 mm | 25 mm (Any customized thickness can be provided on special request)
  • Available Density
    Signor (450D), Diamond (500D), Emerald (550D), Ruby (600D), Pearl (650D) Kg/m3
Why are VIR PVC/WPC boards better than Plywood?


  • Swells when subjected to moisture & water
  • Vulnerable to fungus and termite
  • Prone to rotting or rusting
  • Requires constant care & repairs to maintain the look
  • Contains formaldehyde and causes CO2 emission
  • Naturally flammable
  • Requires an additional layer on it or needs to go surface treatment before use
  • Costs more
  • High maintenance cost due to not suitable for various climates


  • 100% water proof
  • Termite and borer resistant
  • Never rusts, corrosion-free
  • Maintenance free
  • Eco-friendly as it doesn't discharge formaldehyde and other harmful gases
  • Fire retardant
  • Board can be used as is due to smooth surface and finished look
  • Cost-effective as the WPC foam board prices and the PVC foam board prices are extremely affordable
  • No maintenance cost as can bear various climate change