A Highly Durable VIR WPC Door

Doors that come with an advantage of no warping, no sagging, no cracking, no chipping, no bending, no withering, no rusting. Sounds impossible ? VIR makes it possible. Our WPC doors are eco-friendly, non-toxic and come with higher durability and strength, offering you a better user experience and longer life. In a nutshell, ours are doors that reflect the richness of wooden finishes but eliminates all the challenges one may face in wooden doors.

Contemporary. Customisable.

Our range of WPC doors are specially designed matching the aesthetic sense of the modern audience. VIR WPC doors are made from a unique composition of wood fibers and thermoplastics, which is why they offer wood-like aesthetic value to your interiors. These doors are immensely tough and ensure better insulation. VIR WPC doors are also 100% paintable and offer customisation option as per your designs, thereby opening doors of imagination for exciting new possibilities for your projects.

Eco-friendly. Budget-friendly.

WPC doors are more cost-effective, environment-friendly and sustainable than wooden doors. Susceptibility to moisture, fungus, rust or warp, termites or borers – all these issues get nipped in the bud with VIR WPC doors.

Multiple Advantages. One Alternative.

Custom-made Contemporary Doors | Cost-effective | Better Insulation | Better Durability | No Rust or Warp | Maintenance Friendly | 100% Water-proof, Termite Borer Proof | Corrosion Resistant | Environment Friendly | Weather & Ageing Resistant | Customized Designs

Array of Applications

  • Internal Doors
  • Kitchen Doors
  • Wet Area Doors
  • Balcony Doors
  • Suitable for Any Internal Openings
  • Available Sizes
    7 ft x 3 ft | 7 ft x 2.5 ft | 6.5 ft x 2.5 ft | 6.5 ft x 2.25 ft | 6.75 ft x 2.25 ft | 6.75 ft x 2.5 ft | 6.75 ft x 2.75 ft
    (Any customized size can be provided on bulk orders)
  • Available Thickness
    24 mm | 25 mm | 28 mm | 30 mm
    (Any customized thickness can be provided on special request)
  • Available Density
    Diamond (500D), Emerald (550D), Ruby (600D), Pearl (650D) Kg/m3
  • Available Colours
    Natural Wood Brown